Bunny industries are capable of providing stamping, corrugating and roll forming, shearing, embossing, and many other necessary custom metal fabricating services for a variety of materials. Steel and aluminum are the most common metals we custom fabricate, but Advantage Fabricated Metals is capable of working with the most common and many not-so-common metals.

Fabricated Metals services directly benefit Original Equipment Manufacturers, OEMs, by providing them access to the extensive contract metal fabricating services we offer. These custom metal fabricating services include metal stamping, roll forming, punching, press braking, notching, embossing, corrugating, roll forming, shearing, cut to length, welding, assembly and design services coupled with our unique solutions orientation.


Freedom to be Creative

In-house fabrication empowers as “think outside the box” mentality. Design a product according to what enhances efficiency, not what is listed in a catalog.

Direct Communication

Take out the middle man and increase communication among the project manager, engineer, and fab shop. Share ideas directly about ways to improve the design, reduce lead times, and minimize production or installation costs without getting outside vendors involved.

Reduce Cost & Lead Times

Eliminate the time and transport costs to move fabricated items from point A to B. Additional savings can also be gained by minimizing the time and cost of trying to adapt an off-the-shelf item to unique requirements. Instead, materials are fabricated to meet custom specifications.